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Security4Web offers a broad range of information on credit card fraud, identity theft, data mining components, viruses, trojans, backdoor viruses, spam prevention and protection, security related articles, surveys and reports from reputable sources, tips, fraud schemes, do's and don't's, and last but not least links to law enforcement authorities to whom people may address to if they become victims.

Security4Web addresses itself both to those experienced with the Internet and to those still experiencing it. From our point of view it doesn't really matter how much experience people gain browsing the Internet when it comes to online threats.
In a world flooded with information it is difficult to sort out the solution that fits you best. This is where Security4Web comes into picture, and this is what sets us apart from other websites: we provide the proper information and in the same time a wide range of tools to serve individuals' needs, to keep them secure from the dark side of the Internet. Our success recipe is: accurate information backed up with suitable tools to help Internet users detect, prevent, and protect themselves from online threats. All "ingredients" in the same place.

In our attempt to keep people informed we center upon a large area of threats that can be experienced online: malware, identity theft, charge backs, and upon the subjects that can be affected: PC users, email users, merchants, business managers, parents and children. In other words, we rely upon three main co-ordinates: online threats, consequences and solutions.
Now it is up to you to keep cyber threats away.

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