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Malware (Malaware) definition

Malaware is essentially a programme that is installed onto your computer (usually unknowingly) that does things that you are unaware of. For instance companies, like Microsoft or advertising agencies, put tracking cookies or data mining cookies on your system that will provide them information about your computing practices. Most of these are not dangerous but sometimes a more malicious one will take control of parts of your computer. For instance when you connect to the Internet it takes you to a website you haven't seen before, or you get pop up ads from dodgy places (often pornographic), or it tries to dial another phone number instead of your ISP. All of these are frustrating and can be prevented with a combination of a good antivirus programme, a firewall, and a programme to detect and eliminate malaware. A couple of free programmes that assist with malaware include AdAware and Spybot. The term was created by a combination of "malicious" and "software". Malware describes Viruses, Trojans, Backdoors, Spyware, Hacktools, Batch Viruses and Trojans, Internet Worms, IRC Worms, Java Scripts, Webserver Scripts, VBS Scripts, Virus Construction Kits, Denial of Service Tools (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service Tools (DDoS), Flooder, Keylogger, Nuker and Sniffer


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