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Remote Access definition

Programs that allow another computer to gain information or to attack or alter your computer, usually over the Internet. Remote access programs detected in virus scans may be recognizable commercial software, which are brought to the user's attention during the scan. Types of scam: Free Prizes: You're promised a free prize in exchange for purchasing or testing the product. Business Opportunities: You're offered the chance to make lots of money working at home or buying a franchise. Investment Offers: You're offered an opportunity to invest at a discount or earn a very high rate of return. Charitable Contributions: You're asked to contribute to a charity that doesn't exist or most of the money goes to the fundraiser instead of to the charity. Credit Card Check: You receive a phone call from somebody pretending to be an employee of your bank or credit card company, saying there's been a mix-up with your credit card and asking for your credit card number or expiration date to straighten out the problem.


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