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Things to Remember while Browsing The Internet

What can you learn after skimming our site?
Here are some guidelines:

Personal Computer Users

  • Don't open email attachments from unknown sources as they may contain viruses. Never provide sensitive information in emails, Chat rooms or Instant Messages because they are not secure.
  • Always check the websites' security when you send your financial data. Do not forget to see if the address bar at the top of the screen changes from "http" into "https".
  • Think twice before choosing to download a program: read first the security, license or privacy statements of the software you intend to download.
  • Don't believe in promises of large amounts of money or in deals that sound more than profitable. Everything that sounds too good to be true, most probably it is.
  • Use protection software and regularly update it.


  • Implement and maintain good security policies: protect any sensitive data from your employees and outsiders. Set out basic security rules to be followed by all employees.
  • Protect yourself against chargebacks following some basic rules: deal only with legitimate and reputable sources, watch out of foreign solicitations of large amounts of goods, do the best you can to satisfy your customers on time, keep records of all sales and receipts of the order and delivery fulfillment.
  • Use protection software and keep it up to date.


  • Talk to your children about online threats. Make them aware that not all the information posted on the Internet is accurate and not all the people they meet online are trustworthy.
  • Monitor and restrict your children's access to the Internet.
  • Use filtering, monitoring, email attachment blocking and antivirus software. Do not forget to regularly update them!
  • Report any suspicious content or activity that may harm your children.


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