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Internet explorer users


  • Read carefully all error messages you receive, don't just click on "ok".
  • Download programs only from sites you know and trust.
  • Read and understand the security, license and privacy statements of the software you download.
  • In case you click unwittingly on a link and you are shown a dialog box asking you if you want to install a program, always press "no".
  • Use detection programs to see if there is spyware running on your computer.
  • Download the latest security software updates.
  • Switch to Firefox Browser. Learn why is Firefox a better browser.


  • Do not click the "yes" button to install software you didn't ask for.
  • Do not click "ok" when you want to close a window.
  • Do not install a program unless you read the license and privacy statements.
  • Do not install freeware and shareware of your's own accord. They are the primary source for spyware infections.


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