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Are you browsing the Internet safely?

  1. Do you have the latest Windows Service Pack and updates installed on your PC?
    Don't know.
    I'm not using Microsoft Windows.
  2. How often do you update your antivirus software?
    Whenever I remember.
    I don't use an antivirus program.
  3. Do you use a firewall?
    I don't know.
  4. Do you use any spyware/adware removal program?
    I don't know.
  5. Do you use any other program to protect yourself and your family's privacy?
    Yes, I use the following programs:
  6. You receive an e-mail with a file attachment, what do you do?
    Open it to see what it is about.
    Ask the sender about the file.
    Delete the e-mail.
  7. Do you have a file sharing program like Kazaa, LimeWire or E-Donkey?
    Not sure/maybe someone in my family installed it.
  8. What passwords do you use?
    Usually, a date of birth or a name.
    A simple password, so I don't forget it
    Numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  9. How many passwords do you have?
    Two or tree.
    I have different passwords for each website/program.
  10. When did you make your last backup?
    Last week.
    Last month.
  11. Where do you keep your backups?
    Near my computer.
    At home.
    At a friend.
    I have more backup copies and I store them in different safe locations.
  12. What do you do if something goes wrong with your computer?
    Call a friend/family member who is more into computers than myself.
    Call a service company.
    Try to fix the problem myself.
  13. Do you keep any sensitive information (such as personal correspondence, resumes or professional records, or health or financial information) on a computer connected to the Internet?
  14. Do you use the Internet for “sensitive” transactions from your home computer, such as banking, stock trading, or reviewing personal medical information?
  15. Spyware and adware are software programs that quietly sit on your computer and can deliver pop-ups or other advertisements to you based on where you go and what you do online. Based on this description, do you think you have any spyware or adware on your machine right now?
  16. Has your browser home page – the web site you see when you first go online – ever changed suddenly to a different page without your permission?
  17. Where do you use the Internet more?
    Net Cafe's.
  18. Do you currently use any parental control software on your computer?
    I don't have children under 18.


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