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Tips for Children

  • Tell your parents (friend, teacher) if something makes you feel uncomfortable on the Internet.
  • Do not send, provide or request from other people personal information, such as physical location, phone number, first or last name, school, sports team, or any other identifying information in emails, chat rooms, forums or Instant Messages.
  • Do not fill out questionnaires or any forms online before asking your parents.
  • Do not give out your personal information (name, phone number, physical location, school) online before asking your parents.
  • Do not trust messages or emails that suggest you have won a prize and must supply personal information about yourself in order to get it.
  • Do not provide personal information about you or your family members in emails, chat rooms, forums or Instant Messages
  • Do not tell anyone online where you live, where you are or where you will be, without your parents' permission.
  • Never send a picture over the Internet or via regular mail to anyone you get in touch with on the Internet.
  • Remember that not everything you read on the Internet it is true and accurate.
  • Do not take into account offers that sound "too good to be true". They probably are.
  • Do not agree to meet in person with someone you have been speaking online, without your parents' permission.
  • Disagree any offers that involve your coming to a meeting or having someone visit your house. Tell your parents if something is planned in this respect.


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